Industrial porcelain for power industry

Elektroporcelana is one of three production plants (we already have more plants, Finpol is another one) of RADPOL S.A., one of the main Polish manufacturers of industrial porcelain for power industry.

We offer a wide range of electrical porcelain insulators, including medium and low voltage insulators. Our main products are line insulators, post insulators and capacity insulators, traction insulators and equipment insulators (transformer bushings and ceramic shields). Also, the portfolio of Elektroporcelana includes electrical installation and lighting equipment, e.g. fuse canisters and holders.

The Elektroporcelana Plant has a strong position in the domestic market, and uses its many years' experience and top quality to sell its products to both Polish companies and foreign investors. Currently, exports account for approx. 30% of total sales. Main foreign markets to which the Plant sells its products include Estonia, Finland, the Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy.


High quality of our products has been confirmed by the tests carried out by the Quality Testing Office of the Association of Polish Electricians (BBJ-SEP Warsaw), the Institute of Power Engineering in Warsaw and the Electrotechnical Institute in Wrocław.

In 2003, Elektroporcelana obtained the ISO 9001:2000 certificate

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