RADPOL S.A. - the parent company of RADPOL, has operated for 30 years and comes from Przedsiębiorstwo Doświadczalne Przemysłu Kablowego i Sprzętu Elektrotechnicznego KABLOSPRZĘT company established in 1970 in Ożarów Mazowiecki and is seated in Człuchów.

Originally, the subject of activity of present RADPOL was experimental production of machines and equipment for the cable industry.

In 1976 the Company was taken over by Fabryka Przewodów Elektrycznych „EMA – ZAŁOM” in Szczecin. The cooperation commenced a long process of extending the production range. The decreasing sales of layered connectors was replaced with new products such as electrical installation equipment made of aluminium and copper and cable bands and clips. The product range of power cables was also enriched and the thus far production of heat-shrinkable products was extended.

Presently, thanks to a consequently realised strategy of organic development through takeovers RADPOL operates in several perspective operating segments, among which numerous product and market synergies occur.

Important dates and events


In June 2013 RADPOL purchases 100% shares in FINPOL ROHR which is a producer of complete pre-insulated systems for the construction of heating networks and distribution of other media. The acquisition is a milestone in the realisation of the Group's strategy in the heating sector.


On 31 December 2012 the competent District Court registers the merger of RADPOL and RURGAZ. It is another stage of the process of full consolidation within the Parent company.


In September 2012 as a result of an annual revision of participants of indices performed by Warsaw Stock Exchange the shares of RADPOL were qualified into WIGdiv index. The basis for the inclusion into the index was a high dividend rate as at the end of August 2012 and regular distributions of dividends in previous years.


In April 2012 the Company realises other successful takeovers - Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcji Strunobetonowych Żerdzi Wirowanych WIRBET S.A. joins the Capital Group.


Another acquisition in March 2010 when RADPOL purchases 100% shares in RURGAZ, which is one of the leading producers of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes in Poland.


On the turn of 2009 and 2010 RADPOL performs a thorough modernisation of the first accelerator which is equipped with a modern monitoring and control system. The accelerator obtained more stable operating parameters and its capacity increased from 2.0 MeV to 2.5 MeV.


In 2009 the Company is included into the structure of RADPOL S.A.


A start-up of another 4.5 MeV electron accelerator is performed in October 2008. The implementation is a crowning of a 2-year modernisation process of the Plant in Człuchów and significantly enhances production capacities of RADPOL.


In July 2008 RADPOL takes over Zakłady Porcelany Elektrotechnicznej „Ciechów”.


The Company made its debut on the primary market of Warsaw Stock Exchange on 10 May 2007. In November 2011 RADPOL is promoted to sWIG80 index which concentrates 80 small, most liquid companies on WSE.


In 2005 complying with the standards of Environmental Management System the Company obtained ISO 14001:2004 certificate.In February 2003 there was a sale of 80% shares of RADPOL belonging to NFI (investment fund) to Ceramique Polska Sp. z o.o. controlled by a group of investors, Tar Heel Capital. 


In December 2003 Ceramique Polska purchased shares from the other shareholders, becoming the only shareholder of RADPOL. Within the ordering of the structure of the capital group in 2004 Tar Heel Capital R, LLC fund established by Tar Heel Capital, a group of investors, became the owner of RADPOL.


In 1996 pursuant to the Act on National Investment Funds and their privatisation - the company's shares were contributed by the State Treasury into National Investments Funds/leading fund - Piast.


In 1983 the Company bought a 2 MeV electron accelerator using the radiation crosslinking technology. The purchase decision was made upon launching the production of heat-shrinkable products using radiation crosslinking technology through an electron beam. It was a breakthrough in the thus far Company's history.


In 1981 the company commenced production of electrical cables.


In 1973 KABLOSPRZĘT company was established from which RADPOL derives.

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