Radpol S.A. in three production plants uses the following technologies:

Sieciowanie radiacyjne Crosslinked radiation

RADPOL S.A.specialises in the manufacture of Polyethylene products on basis of unique material recipes and formulae adapted for crosslinked radiation technology.

Our competitive advantage is based on technology unavailable to others –we are the only company in Poland and one of few in Europe that operates two electron accelerators of 2.5 MeV. and 4.5 MeV capacity on a large scale for the purposes of Polyethylene crosslinked radiation.

This method relates to screening of plastic using a beam of electrons accelerated in vacuum using energy corresponding to several million electronovolts. The result is the combining of two adjacent polymer chains at places where hydrogen atoms split off occurred.

Ekstruzja rur z polietylenu z preizolacją Extrusion of polyethylene preinsulated pipes

Radpol possesses state-of-the-art machinery including advanced equipment for manufacture of multi-layer Polyester pipes PE100RC, including HDPE jacket pipes used for manufacture of preinsulated pipes. Factory in Lublin have capacities that enable quick large-scale production of high quality preinsulated pipes of different diameters.

Brand new German and American machinery along with technical expertise and use of specific raw materials guarantee products of the highest quality that meet European Standards.

Wypiekanie izolatorów ceramicznych Baking of ceramic insulators

The insulator baking process is comparable to masterpieces of craftsmanship, because it is operated by skilful and experienced craftsmen committed to their work to provide a unique final product.

These ecological products made from special clay offer in practice unlimited durability and resistance to weather conditions, and consequently are highly esteemed by many clients despite the growing popularity of composite substitutes.

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