18.05.2022 r.

RADPOL S.A. is a leader on the market of heat-shrinkable products, specializing in products made of refined polyethylene, which are created on the basis of our own material mixes.

08.11.2021 r.
Construction of a pre-insulated pipeline on a flyover for transmission of 300⁰C steam

Today, the construction of overhead preinsulated transmission pipelines in industrial requires that designers and investors use non standard solutions that guarantee high functionality and durability.

05.11.2021 r.
Before the sun goes down a lot can happen. UV PROTECT COLOR pre-insulated pipe systems

For us, the success of your investment is the most important goal. Save money with minimal maintenance and long service life of UV PROTECT COLOR solutions.

12.07.2021 r.
Preinsulated valves DN700/900 for ecological district heating network

Climate change and new technological developments in the construction of district heating infrastructures, including fossil fuel-free sources of heat and cooling, are giving investors new impetus to transform municipal heating systems into more effective and efficient ones. 

23.10.2020 r.
Construction of an overhead heating network with using UV Protect COLOR pipes system

Radpol supplied over 300 meters of the complete UV Protect COLOR preinsulated piping system, including all fittings (arches, fixed points, valves) and UV Protect radiation crosslinked heat-shrink joints, for the construction of the overhead heating network.

24.09.2020 r.
Radpol S.A. supplier of pre-insulated pipes for ecological investment in Warsaw

Reconstruction of the heating network in Warsaw's Praga district. Radpol S.A. supplied over 3 km of pre-insulated pipes and other elements necessary to lay a modern pre-insulated heating pipeline.

04.09.2020 r.
Construction of a pre-insulated pipeline for the transmission of crude oil

RADPOL’s pipe systems have been widely used in the oil & gas industry for many years. They are best fitted  for transporting various types of media, which require maintaining appropriate temperature during their transmission over long distances. 

19.08.2020 r.
Brief characteristics of laying pipes using of narrow-trench methods

Brief characteristics of laying RC MULTIsafe® and RC MAXIprotect® PP/PE pipes using  of narrow-trench methods.

30.07.2020 r.
RADPOL is the supplier of gas pipes for an important investment in Toruń

RADPOL S.A. is the supplier of RC MULTIsafe® 2L gas pipes for another investment, this time in Toruń.  

30.07.2020 r.
The advantages of laying RC MULTIsafe® and RC MAXIprotect® PP/PE pipes using trenchless methods

The trenchless installations are becoming more and more important due to increasing costs of installation for the pressure pipes. Use of trenchless methods for PE100 RC and PE100 RC with additional protective jacket allows for significant investment savings.

30.07.2020 r.
Brief characteristics of laying RC MULTIsafe® and RC MAXIprotect® PP/PE pipes using trenchless methods

Brief characteristics of laying RC MULTIsafe® and RC MAXIprotect® PP/PE pipes using trenchless methods.

29.07.2020 r.
Modernization of the gas network in Lublin

Lublin in expansion. RADPOL S.A. delivered RC MULTIsafe® 2L  pipes for the renovation of the gas network in the very center of the city.

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