04.09.2020 r.

Construction of a pre-insulated pipeline for the transmission of crude oil

Poland, Kamień Mały

Planned project completion

Place of application
Oil and gas extraction industry

SMLS L360NS preinsulated pipe system in 3LPE with micro tubs for fiber optic 114.3x8.8/250, in HDPE jacket and SMLS L360NS preinsulated pipe system in 3LPE 88.9x12.5/200, in HDPE jacket

Project description

RADPOL’s pipe systems have been widely used in the oil & gas industry for many years. They are best fitted  for transporting various types of media, which require maintaining appropriate temperature during their transmission over long distances. 

As part of the project of building a pipeline for the transmission of crude oil from the Well Zone to the Group Centre in Kamień Mały, RADPOL delivered over 20 kilometers of a full system (pipes, fittings and radially cross linked couplings with double sealing feature ). According to the investor's guidelines, pre-insulated pipes and fittings have been additionally equipped with micro tubes for running the optical fibre.

The system of insulation of pre-insulated pipes connections was based on cross-linked heat shrinkable bell-ended joints with an extra-long lengths of L=1120 mm. After being cross-linked, the RADPOL's joints acquire extraordinary mechanical properties creating a homogeneous, durable long-lasting tight connection.

The most important advantage for investors who plan to build pre-insulated pipelines in cooperation with RADPOL is the fact that RADPOL is the only company that produces pipes, fittings and joints in one technological standard.

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