24.09.2020 r.

Radpol S.A. supplier of pre-insulated pipes for ecological investment in Warsaw

Poland, Warsaw

Completion of the project

District heating network

Pre-insulated pipes, pre-insulated bends, Heat-shrink sleeves, end caps, DN 800 diameter rings and other accessories necessary for laying the heating pipeline.


Investment description

Thanks to the funds obtained by the Investor from the Operational Programme "Infrastructure and Environment 2014 - 2020" it was possible to rebuild the district heating network in Warsaw's Praga district. The district heating infrastructure in Poland’s capital is systematically modernized. The networks in the old “in-channel placed”  technology are being replaced by more efficient and modern pre-insulated systems. As part of the task, Radpol delivered over 3 km of modern pre-insulated pipes and all  elements necessary for laying the pre-insulated heating pipeline.

The works were carried out on the line of the "A" bus on the section from the A-12A heating chamber to the A-24 chamber - stage I and II in the area of Rembielińska/Kondratowicza street (SC III 8) - the section from the connection with the heating network sewerage before the A-21 chamber to the connection with the heating network before the A-22 chamber.

The aim of the investment was to reduce the emission of local economy through effective distribution of system heat.

Modern and effective district heating systems are an ideal tool to counteract the phenomenon of low emissions. District heating network is a safe solution for residents and the environment and at the same time convenient, as it requires practically no involvement of the end-user.

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