08.07.2020 r.
Jointing methods for RC MULTIsafe® and RC MAXIprotect® PP/PE pipes -part II

We invite you to the second part of the article about joining RC MULTIsafe® and RC MAXIprotect® PP/PE pipes.

02.07.2020 r.
Construction bypass of waste water collector for a sewage treatment plant

Renovation of a section of the DN800mm sewer discharge manifold in Kościelna Wieś near Kalisz. In order to carry out the planned renovation it was necessary to make the so-called "bypass", which took over the sewage transport during the renovation works.

05.06.2020 r.
Jointing methods for RC MULTIsafe® and RC MAXIprotect® PP/PE pipes -part I

Butt welding of pipes PE 100 Smart 2L and RC MULTIsafe® follows the same principles as for pipes made of PE 100.

11.05.2020 r.
Construction of the Wąsowo - Kuślin gas pipeline with the trenchless method

In order to use fast methods of trenchless pipe assembly, products are required that haveIn order to use fast methods of trenchless pipe assembly, products are required that have  higher resistance to damage to the external surface and higher resistance to point loads than standard PE100. ...

30.04.2020 r.
Renovation of the water supply system in Poznań with RC MAXIprotect® PP pipes

Radpol S.A. supplied RC MAXIprotect® PP pipes for the renovation of the water supply system in Poznań.

23.03.2020 r.
Radpol's protection pipes on a wind farm

For this investment Radpol S.A. supplied PE100 RC SDR9 protection pipes intended for the protection of power cables, which were laid underground at a depth of 30 m. 

17.02.2020 r.
Construction of the gas pipeline in Szczecin with Radpol's pipes

As part of the reconstruction of the communication node along Granitowa and Krygiera Streets in Szczecin, Radpol supplied PE100 Smart 2L® medium-pressure pipe for the construction of the gas pipeline, which has a special detection layer indicating damage and scratches.

04.02.2020 r.
Renovation of the water supply system in Ruda Śląska

The GPW company is upgrading the old and failure infrastructure. For the renovation of the water supply system in Ruda Śląska, Radpol supplied RC MULTIsafe®2L pipes for drinking water with full PAS 1075 certification: in diameters from DN630mm and DN800mm.

13.01.2020 r.
Radpol supplied pipes for the construction of a key gas pipeline section for Kielce

Radpol S.A. supplied RC MULTIsafe® 2L DN400 and DN560 gas pipes for the construction of the key section of the medium pressure gas pipeline for Kielce. The gas pipeline runs along Gen. Władysława Sikorskiego and Jana Nowaka Jeziorańskiego streets. The pipeline is about 2.2 km long and has a diameter...

09.12.2019 r.
Case study - Radpol’s pipes used for the construction of installation for transmission of decarbonised water

In the chemical industry, customers expect reliable and “failure-free” solutions. Potential interruptions in the transmission of media can lead to huge financial losses. That's why a leading European manufacturer of nitrogen fertilizers asked Radpol to supply components for a robust decarbonized wat...

11.10.2019 r.
Radpols pipes tested in difficult conditions of the sulphur mine

Radpol delivered specially designed MULTIpower PERT 2L pipes to the  sulphur mine, which are the most important element of the system for transporting minerals from wells in sulphur deposits. More than two kilometres of  MULTIpower PERT 2L pipes are resistant to chemicals and high temperat...

25.09.2019 r.
Modernisation of the Warsaw district heating network

The investment was carried out as part of the project "Modernization of the Warsaw district heating network in the Capital City of Warsaw", which aims to reduce CO2 emissions and improve energy efficiency.

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