Anna Kułach

President of the Management Board

Mrs Anna Kułach is economist by education. She is graduated from the Management Faculty at Economic Academy in Cracow, in Poland. Since 2008 she has held the title of statutory auditor (no. 11347), et since 2011, ACCA qualifications, since 2016, FCCA qualifications.

From May 2015 to March 2016 she worked for PKP Cargotabor sp. z o.o. [Polish Railway limited liability company.] At the beginning on the position of the Managing Director for Finance, from August 2015 as a member of the management board. Mrs Anna Kułach dealt with management and supervision in the areas of finance, purchase, and IT. She was also engaged in overhaul and construction processes, as well as in the execution of the strategy, of the company PKP Cargotabor as well as of the capital group PKP CARGO.

From 2013 to 2015 she was a senior consultant at the consulting company Management Polska sp. z o.o. [limited liability company]. During this period, she was also a member of the supervisory board of the company Chochołowskie Termy sp. z o.o.

From 2011 to 2013 she worked for the company Wójcik Fashion sp. z o.o. [limited liability company]. S.K.A. [limited joined-stock partnership], to begin with the post of the Principal Controller, and then of theFinancial Director.

From 2003 to 2011 she worked for the consulting company Ernst & Young at the departments of Corporate Finance and Audit.

Mrs Anna Kułach does not pursue competitive activities, and she does not take part in a competitive company as a partner of a civil partnership, or of a personal partnership, as a member of a company body, or of another natural person, she is not entered into the Register of Insolvent Debtors, kept pursuant to the Legal Act of the National Court Registry.

Marek Biczysko

Member of the Management Board

He has been working in Radpol since March 2018 as the Plant Director responsible for, among others, optimization of production processes, increasing the productivity of employees in production departments and warehouses, and the introduction of advanced forms of reporting in the production area.

Between  2011 and 2012 as the Managing Director of the PKM DUDA S.A. Production Plant he was responsible for a number of optimization projects in the scope of increasing the efficiency of logistics, production and sales processes.

From 1999 till 2006 he was employed at Przedsiębiorstwo Przetwórstwa Mięsnego "POLESIE" sp. z o.o. initially  as the Finance Director and then the President of the Management Board, where he was responsible for implementing the IT system for comprehensive management of the CSB enterprise, integrating the IT systems of company stores (about 70 branches) with the main CSB system of the company, which enabled ongoing monitoring of sales processes and inventory, and as a result 20% reduction in costs, carrying out the transformation process into a limited liability company together with a project for comprehensive valuation of goodwill and employment restructuring.

Mr. Marek Biczysko has extensive experience in comprehensive company management, including coordinating the work of financial, administrative, logistics, production and sales departments. He has built and implemented standards and procedures to optimize the quality and effectiveness of the company. He also has extensive expert knowledge of management and financial accounting combined with understanding of business needs, enabling building and effective implementation of enterprise development strategies.

According to the submitted statement, Mr. Marek Biczysko does not conduct any business competitive to Radpol S.A., does not participate in any competitive company as a partner in a civil law partnership, partnership or as a member of a competitive capital company or a member of the body of any competitive legal person, and is not entered in the Register of Insolvent Debtors maintained pursuant to the provisions of the Legal Act of the National Court Registry.


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