14.12.2021 r.
Radpol S.A. with EcoVadis silver medal for sustainable development

Radpol S.A. has been awarded with the silver medal by the world's leading rating agency EcoVadis, which deals with the evaluation of the activities and practices of companies from the perspective of corporate social responsibility, including environmental commitment.

25.11.2021 r.
Radpol in the "Poland's Climate Leaders 2022" ranking of the Forbes Magazine

For the second year in a row Radpol S.A. was placed in a prestigious ranking of "Polish Climate Leaders" of Forbes Magazine. 

29.10.2021 r.
Financial results of Radpol for the 3rd quarter 2021 year

Radpol S.A, reported PLN 4.7m standalone net profit from continuing operations in Q3 2021, compared to PLN 3.68m profit a year earlier. Revenue from export sales also increased significantly by 69 %.

28.09.2021 r.
Distributor Certificates" for official trade partners of Radpol

The action of Radpol handing "Distributor's Certificates" has started. This is a formula that supports and rewards long term cooperation between Radpol S.A. and companies supplying modern pipe systems for the construction of sewage, water supply and gas systems.

21.09.2021 r.
NEW!!! Bactericidal heat shrinkable covers with added nano zinc

NEW!!! Radpol S.A. introduces to the market innovative germicidal heat-shrinkable covers designed for biological protection of surfaces of elements. They provide durable and long-lasting protection against the growth of bacteria, microbes and fungi. They have a high 99.90 percent microbiological eff...

17.09.2021 r.
Radpol's ecological stand at Energetab 2021 - report from the fair

The past week was full of challenges and emotions for us. On September 14-16, 2021, we had the pleasure to participate in the Energetab fair in Bielsko-Biała.

12.08.2021 r.
We invite you to visit our stand during 34th International Power Industry Fair ENERGETAB 2021

We invite you to visit our green stand RADPOL S.A. during the 34th International Power Industry Fair ENERGETAB 2021, which will take place on 14-16.09.2021 in Bielsko-Biała.

12.07.2021 r.
Preinsulated valves DN700/900 for ecological district heating network

See how RADPOL pre-insulated district heating solutions support construction of ecological heating and cooling system in one of the biggest cities in Europe.

10.05.2021 r.
Radpol solutions for wind power industry

Wide offer, innovative solutions and advanced green technology of production of heat-shrinkable products make Radpol a perfect partner in the field of projects connected with production and transmission of wind energy.

19.01.2021 r.
New generation of antidiffusion systems for district heating and industry

We gave our engineers the task of creating something that had never been before. All this in the interest of sustainable development of local communities and the environment. 

23.10.2020 r.
Construction of an overhead heating network with using UV Protect COLOR pipes system

Radpol supplied over 300 meters of the complete UV Protect COLOR preinsulated piping system, including all fittings (arches, fixed points, valves) and UV Protect radiation crosslinked heat-shrink joints, for the construction of the overhead heating network.

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