10.05.2021 r.
Radpol solutions for wind power industry

Wide offer, innovative solutions and advanced green technology of production of heat-shrinkable products make Radpol a perfect partner in the field of projects connected with production and transmission of wind energy.

19.01.2021 r.
New generation of antidiffusion systems for district heating and industry

We gave our engineers the task of creating something that had never been before. All this in the interest of sustainable development of local communities and the environment. 

23.10.2020 r.
Construction of an overhead heating network with using UV Protect COLOR pipes system

Radpol supplied over 300 meters of the complete UV Protect COLOR preinsulated piping system, including all fittings (arches, fixed points, valves) and UV Protect radiation crosslinked heat-shrink joints, for the construction of the overhead heating network.

24.09.2020 r.
Radpol S.A. supplier of pre-insulated pipes for ecological investment in Warsaw

For the Warsaw investment under the Operational Programme "Infrastructure and Environment 2014 - 2020" Radpol supplied over 3 km of pre-insulated pipes and other elements necessary to lay a modern pre-insulated heating pipeline.

04.09.2020 r.
Radpol as a supplier of pipes for the construction of transmission pipeline for crude oil

RADPOL’s pipe systems have been widely used in the oil & gas industry for many years. They are best fitted  for transporting various types of media, which require maintaining appropriate temperature during their transmission over long distances. 

31.07.2020 r.
Modernization of the gas pipeline in Lublin

Lublin in expansion. RADPOL S.A. delivered RC MULTIsafe® 2L pipes for the renovation of the gas pipeline in the center of the city.

31.07.2020 r.
RADPOL is the supplier of gas pipes for an important investment in Toruń

RADPOL S.A. is the supplier of RC MULTIsafe® 2L gas pipes for another investment, this time in Toruń.

02.07.2020 r.
Construction of a bypass for a waste water collector with PE100 pipes from Radpol

Renovation of a section of the DN800mm sewer discharge manifold in Kościelna Wieś near Kalisz.

13.05.2020 r.
Construction of the Wąsowo - Kuślin gas pipeline with the trenchless method

In order to use fast methods of trenchless pipe assembly, products are required that have many times higher resistance to damage to the external surface and higher resistance to point loads than standard PE100.

30.04.2020 r.
Renovation of the water supply system in Poznań with RC MAXIprotect® PP pipes

Radpol S.A. supplied RC MAXIprotect® PP pipes for the renovation of the water supply system in Poznań.

01.04.2020 r.
Radpol S.A. with a profit almost twice as high as a year before - company results for 2019

Radpol S.A. closes the year with high increases. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the financial results for 2019.

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