23.10.2020 r.

Construction of an overhead heating network with using UV Protect COLOR pipes system

Radpol supplied over 300 meters of the complete UV Protect COLOR preinsulated piping system, including all fittings (arches, fixed points, valves) and UV Protect radiation crosslinked heat-shrink joints, for the construction of the overhead heating network.

UV Protect COLOR pipes have a casing made of specially modified HDPE resistant to UV radiation. They are also resistant to mechanical damage, chemical agents, rust, changes in ambient temperatures and ensure full tightness for a minimum 30-year maintenance-free service life.

The application of the UV Protect COLOR technology from Radpol significantly reduces the actual costs of pipeline operation in the long-term perspective. This is due to service free maintenance with no rust failures as it may happen with steel casing. RADPOL produces a complete system UV Protect COLOR up to DN 630 mm of casing pipe diameter.

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