Indoor cable terminations for screened rubber insulated wires with three service cores and three protection cores

Application: designed for termination cables of type: NTSCGEWOE, OGb, OGc, OnGcekgż-G, OnGbekgż-G. Technical information: wire's cores outlet is protected with heat shrink breakout boots with...


Indoor cable terminations for 3-core unscreened polymer insulated and armoured mining power cables with flame-retardant sheath

Application: designed for termination cables of type: YKGYFtyn, YKGYFtlyn, YKGYFoyn, YKGYFpyn Technical information: connection of drain wires and armour is made with the use of earthing kit. Termination...


Indoor cable terminations for 1-core unshielded polymeric armoured traction cables

Designed for terminating Y(A)KYFty, Y(A)KYFpy, Y(A)KYFoy cables.
The connection of the return wire is made with the use of the included earthing kit. The moisture barrier is formed by sealing compounds. A heat-shrinkable phase marker resistant to creep currents and weather conditions is shrunk on the insulation.


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