Heat shrink blister tubes - type RB

Application: Tubes packed in handy blisters allowing cutoff of any length and easy storage.


Thin wall tube on spools - type BOX

Application: Thin wall heat shrink tubes supplied on spools in convenient boxes. You may cut a piece of tube to whatever length is needed.


Mix of heat shrink tubes in phase colors

Application: One package contains most popular colors used by fitters and electricians (50 m of each dimension).


Stand with medium wall adhesive-layered tubes - type KRPKH1-1

Comfortable exposition cardboard contains a set of medium wall heat shrink tubes adhesive-layered in black colour. The stand is made of moisture-proof polypropylene material. Shrink temperature heat-shrinkable...


Stand with thin wall tubes - type KRCH1-2

Comfortable and nice-looking stand for warehouses, mega stores and shops contains a set of standard thin wall heat shrink tubes and adhesive-layered ones of various diameters and colours. New more durable...

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